One Step At A Time

My name is Raven York.
23 years old.
Graduate of NYU with my degree in Psychology.
I play field hockey and teach regularly, while also interning at a private practice.

Also, I kick ass at laser tag :)

In a relationship with Derek Seigerson. <3

{RP Account}

"Oh my god," Raven muttered to herself, placing a hand on her belly as she reached the apartment. Not only was she nervous about seeing Derek after their "break", but she also had some of the biggest news a person could have: she was having a baby…their baby. It was something they had always wanted. And it was coming at almost the perfect time: they were getting back together and she knew he was the one for her. And yet…she still wasn’t completely sure that Derek wanted her completely like she did. She knew he loved her, but what she did with Julian was quite hard to forgive, and she understood that.

She wasn’t going to use the baby as leverage, but she knew she had to tell him about it, obviously. She just hoped he still loved her enough to still want to marry her and have a child together.

She braced herself when she walked up the steps and knocked three times on the door.